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How to make money on your YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel will not take much time, but making it popular and famous is quite difficult.

It is important not only to promote the channel, it should generate income. To become a YouTube star and get paid, it is important to understand how this hosting works and works. It is not necessary to conduct a channel from a computer or smartphone, there is an option to buy real YouTube watch hours.

How much can you earn on the channel

This is the main question that worries every novice blogger. Any creativity is not limited by any limits of earnings. It all depends on how much time, effort and money a person is willing to invest in his project.

Those channels with more than 100 thousand subscribers are starting to make good money. The main way to make money in this case is advertising. On average, each 1000 subscribers can bring the owner about 100 rubles per month.

Video bloggers with more than a million subscribers can easily live on the income from running the channel. The exact numbers are little known, since advertisers enter into non-disclosure agreements with this information. According to publicly available data, the well-known journalist Yuri Dud in 2019 received about $ 1.5 million from the channel.

What do earnings on YouTube depend on?

Many people think that professional equipment is needed to create videos. This is not entirely true, it is much more important to understand and understand the issue that the channel owner is covering. Communication with the audience, competent speech, interesting information attract more attention than a correctly placed light.

Pay attention to the quality of the videos. To create a good video, it is enough to have a modern smartphone. Monitor the absence of defects in the image, sound distortion, the presence of an echo. Many people listen to videos in the background. To create an overview of games, films, TV series, as well as to stream and edit video, a simple headset is also enough.

Advertising revenue

Speaking of ad revenue, it’s worth dividing the sources of revenue. Advertising is provided by the hosting itself or its partners. The amount of payment depends not only on the number of subscribers, but also on the topic of the channel, on the paying capacity of viewers. Most expensive niches:

  • Finance;
  • Real estate;
  • Auto;
  • Trips.

Least cash niches:

  • Reviews of video games;
  • Beauty, health;
  • Culinary channels;
  • Interesting life hacks.

In the case of evaluating the channel in terms of the paying capacity of viewers, advertisers may not focus on their number. An investment channel will bring more income to the owner than a channel with cosmetics reviews, even if in the second case there are many times more subscribers.

Features of earning on the YouTube channel

When starting video blogging on YouTube, it’s worth taking the time to learn the hosting algorithms. Despite the constant changes, analyzing them will help you understand how the service works.

Using keys — tags will allow the consumer to find the desired video faster. You can fill in tags in Russian and other languages. Up to 500 characters can be used. It is impossible to guarantee that it is the correct selection of tags that will help promote the channel, but the video is easier to find by search words.

An important point is updating the channel. Popularity directly depends on the quality of the content and investments in the blog of effort, time, and the author’s interest. And the owner’s income depends on the number of active subscriptions.

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